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Now, this is petty on so many levels we hope the people that are responsible will be held accountable for this tragedy. Here is what's being reported by the daily mail.

A Florida woman claims she lost her daughter to a stroke just days after she had given birth to her third child because paramedics who responded to her 911 call informed them the patient could not afford an ambulance ride.

Nicole Benhamou, 53, told local news outlets that Hillsborough County first responders failed to check her daughter's vital signs and wasted 10 minutes talking about the cost of the transport. In the end, Benhamou ended up driving her daughter, 30-year-old Crystal Galloway, to a nearby hospital herself.

Galloway died at Tampa General Hospital five days later, just three days shy of her 31st birthday, and less than two weeks after undergoing a Caesarean section to give birth to her son, Jacob. 



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