I guess Blac Chyna really knows how to check a bag 
According to TMZ Blac Chyna has partnered with Whitenicious by Dencia for her own lighting cream, Whitenicious x Blac Chyna Diamond Illumining & Lighting Cream, which will launch in Nigeria!
Chyna announced her new face cream on her Instagram with the caption "Lagos Nigeria, join me at the first official launch of my face cream this Sunday November 25th at the Whitenicious store from 1-5PM, Everyone is invited." She said.
 The jar of cream comes in a Swarovski crystal-encrusted jar which runs for $250 and according to the website is suppose to make the skin appear 'brighter' and 'glowing', "This illuminating cream provides radiant protection. As time passes, skin becomes drier, dullness and wrinkles appear and he skin's natural glow dims. with DIFBC, glowing skin shows less discoloration and unevenness while SPF protection minimizes future damage. Skin is bathed in moisture for a brighter beautiful comfortable feel." it says on the website. 
 Reps for Chyna reportedly say that she's been using Whitenicious dark sport corrector for a few years now due to her battle with hyperpigmentation and felt this was a good deal for her because a lot of women of colour suffer from skin issues. The cream is said to be marketed towards men and women of all skin types.
Let's just say Chyna's fans weren't too happy and slammed her for promoting 'European beauty standards' and felt that she was implying that lighter skin is better, but the cream is said to be meant for hyperpigmentation for those who have dark spots..but if you use it all over your body it bleaches your skin??? mmm I don't know.
One fan said "I'm just going to say it. Blac Chyna is contributing to 2 problems that's been going on for years: self hate & colorism. And it's simply all for money. Smh Damn shame that girl is using her platform for this ignorant mess. Whitenicious? Really sis?"

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