When Cardi B landed in Australia she was definitely not in the mood to deal with the paparazzi, as she walked through the airport with her head covered by a blanket. That didn't sit well with the photographers as they told Cardi "You're in Australia. It's our rules not yours, mate."
Things went left when a female photographer who was turned off by Cardi's lack of engagement said "No wonder your husband left you."
This sent Cardi's publicist Patientce Foster to tell the women about herself, "Bitch, ill smack the shit out of you. Don't ever come out your mouth about her mutherfuckin husband. Watch your mouth." 
Cardi B's publicist is receiving a lot of back lash after she went off on a woman. 
Cardi took to Instagram Live to defend her publicist, "Let me tell you something about my publicist, right? My publicist is for me. My publicist is a publicist that do things my way and fits my personality. When I first started, publicists didn't want to take me as a client, and she was working for one of the biggest publicists company, and you know when they saw me they said: "Don't take her, She's a reality star, no one is going to take her serious," and she still work with me, got me my first magazine cover, changed my image, not only is she my publicist, she's my friend. She was there when I gave birth to my daughter. Everything. 
"That's my bitch, that's my home girl. As a matter of fact, I am mad at Patientce. You wanna know why I'm mad at her? Because she should have spit in that fucking lady's face, that's why."
Cardi then went on the say: "I remember when I was a regular girl and I used to see celebrities going on heavy drugs, heavy depression, suicidal, and I used to think to myself, why do you want to die? I don't get it. You got money, you got fame, bitch I'm broke - I want to die." "But now I get it, cause people will drive us mother fuckers crazy. You all drive people crazy, you judge people, you make rumors about people, you feel like you can say anything to people when they react."
"So I'm going to tell you mother fuckers this shit, I'm going to express myself. I ain't gonna keep all of this bottled inside, I'm not going to let you turn me crazy cause bitch I am already crazy, so imagine another layer of crazy. And you're not going to put me on any drugs either. So I'm letting you know right now. Fuck that shit." 

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