Cardi B took to her Instagram to express her concern about the month-long government shut down saying:
"Now, I know a lot of y'all don't care because y'all probably don't work for the government or y'all probably don't even have a job. But ths shit is really fucking serious bro. Our country is a hellhole right now, all for a fucking wall. And we really need to take this serious."Cardi  said 
"Now, I don't want to hear y'all motherfukers talking about, 'Oh, but Obama shut down the government for 17 days. 'Yeah, bitch, for health care! So your grandma could check her blood pressure and you bitches could go check your pussy in the gynecologist with no motherfucking problem."
"I feel like we need to take some action. I don't know what type of action bitch, because this is not what I do. But bitch, I'm scared."
Which led to Tomi Lahren who is a Donald Trump to take it upon herself and tweet: "Looks like @iamcardib is the latest genius political mind to endorse the Democrats. Ha! Keep it up, guys! #MAGA2020."
Cardi responded saying "Leave me alone I will dog walk you."
Tomi responded "I'm sure you would. Still doesn't make your political rambling any less moronic. #Buildthatwall."
"You're so blinded with racism that you don't even realize the decisions the president you root for is destroying the country. Cardi said, "You claim to love so much. You are a perfect example on no matter how educated or smart you think you are you still a SHEEP!"
A critic whose user name is "White Bread" said "@iamcardib you gonna pay for my insurance? And do I get to pick my doctor and my own plan?"
"I'm paying about 4 million in taxes a year so most likely I am Paying for your insurance...That's if your favorite president don't take my tax money for his wall Mr white bread."
Cardi's "Leave me alone I will dog walk you." comment sent the internet into an uproar. 

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