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There appears to once again be friction between Public Enemy members Chuck D and Flavor Flav and let's just say...Flav got released from the group due to not showing up for the Bernie Sanders Rally. 
"Public Enemy and Public Enemy Radio will be moving forward without Flavor Flav. We thank him for his years of service and wish him well." Chuck D tweeted 
"Spoke to @BernieSanders rally with EnemyRadio. If there was a $bag, Flav would've been there front & center. He will NOT do free benefit shows. Sued me in court the 1st time I let him back in. His ambulance lawyer sued me again on Friday & so now he stays home & better find REHAB."
"My last straw was a long ago. It's not about BERNIE with Flav...he don't know the difference between BarrySanders or BernieSanders he don't know either. FLAV refused to support @Sankofa after @harrybelafonte inducted us. He don't do that."
He finished off his rant with, "I heard I'm trending, like I care. I built @EnemyRadioRS so it does benefits & fundraisers... He said he never gonna do them. So his refusal to do @HarryBelafore #ManyRiversFestival in Atlanta 2016 was my last time. I built Enemy Radio to get far away from that ridiculousness."
Flav's lawyer sent, Matthew Friedman sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Sanders campaign that read:  "While Chuck in certainly free to express his political view as he see fit -- his voice alone does not speak for Public Enemy. The planned performance will only be Chuck D of Public Enemy, it will not be a performance by Public Enemy. Those who truly know what Public Enemy stands for know what time it is. There is no Public Enemy without Flavor Flav."
"Flav… has not endorsed any political candidate in this election cycle..The continued publicizing of this grossly misleading narrative is, a minimum, careless and irresponsible if not intentionally misleading. It is unfortunate that a political campaign would be so careless with the artistic integrity of such iconoclastic figures in American culture." 
The letter ended with a note from Flav that read: "Hey Bernie, don't do this." 
Flav also sued Chuck back in 2017 for royalties over the group's Nothing Is Quick in the Desert album.
Hearing the new of him being fired, Flav took to Twitter to express his hurt. 
"@MrChuckD are you kidding me right now???,,, over Bernie Sanders??? You wanna destroy something we've built over 35 years OVER POLITICS???,,, all because I don't wanna endorse a candidate,,, I'm very disappointed in you and your decisions right now Chuck,,,
"Also, MrChuckD,,I'm not on drugs like you're saying and have been clean for 10 years,, I have battled addicition before and like millions of other Americans I know the massive toll it takes,,, Chuck you know better than to lie about shit like that,,,,
"And.@MrChuckD,,,I didn't sue you on Friday,,,I asked the @berniesaners campaign to correct misleading marketing,,,that's all it was,,,I'm not your employee,,,I'm your partner,,you can't fire me,,,there is no Public Enemy without Flavor let's get it right Chuck,,,
"From a legal standpoint, Chuck could perform as Public Enemy if he ever wanted to; he is the sole owner of the Public Enemy trademark. He originally drew the logo himself in the mid-80s, is also the creative visionary and the group's primary songwriter, having written Flavor's most memorable lines." says Chuck's lawyer 

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