Uh oh looks like Diddy and Cassie have broken up!
After being together for 11 years it looks like the couple has called it quits but according to many sources the two broke up months ago. 
They seemed to have lots of ups and downs in their relationship with Diddy said to be involved with another woman named Gina Huynh which was rumored to be the cause of their 2015 break up. The couple also reportedly had a heated and violent argument which led to cops being called to their home last year, but things seemed to be going well for the couple soon after that.
Diddy seems to have moved though, reportedly being seen with another model named Jocelyn Chew and they seem to be warming right up to each other, being seen together in Miami and at a Drake concert. 
Cassie reportedly is no longer interested in having a relationship with Diddy if he continues to be involved with other women, she is said to be focusing on her acting and music career.
Neither of them have commented on the break up
They first met in the early 2000's after Cassie signed to Bad Boy Records and are said to have been dating since 2007 but did not confirm their relationship until 2012. We hate to see it end
The couple has been on and off for years so maybe there's still hope out there?

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