A 79-year-old Tennessee doctor retired after borrowing thousands of dollars from a patient before diagnosing her with dementia. 
Doctor Suellen Lee reportedly borrowed $300,000 from a patient when her medical clinic was going through some tough times but when the patient later asked for her money back, The doctor diagnosed her with dementia hoping to escape the debt. Doctor Suellen took out the loan about 20 years ago and was paying back the borrowed money in installments, she now claims she was set up by the patient who she diagnosed with dementia 2 years go. She made the diagnosis without any testing method or obtaining a second opinion.
The patient was later assessed and it was confirmed that she did not have dementia.
In an agreement with the Tennessee Department of Health and the Board of Medical Examiners, she voluntarily retired her medical license and has to pay a $2,000 fine
"She wanted to hurt me because she was so angry with me, because I had said that she was demented." Dr. Sullen said "It was all lies and I was told if I fought it would be extremely costly to me, And there would still be no benefit. There was no chance of reversal."

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