Gucci Mane has an ongoing child support case with his baby mama Sheena Evans, who wants her monthly payments raised from $2,076 to $20,000 but Gucci ain't having it. 
According to The Blast Sheena believes that Gucci's finances have significantly increased since his release from prison in 2011. She also took it upon herself to point out that he spent $1 million on he and Keyshia Ka-Oir's wedding as proof that he can afford the $20,000 payment.
Gucci would have to release financial records which he wants to keep hidden because he's afraid the information would leak to the press and hurt his future business deals during negotiations. 
He also believes that her monthly expenses are "suspect" and her request for an increase of child support are invalid. she claims she spends $800 on dry cleaning for their child, another 1k on clothes, $150 on grooming, and an additional $2800 on extracurricular activities.  
Gucci claims the only issue in the case is whether an increase in the child support is consistent with the best interest of the child and wants his baby mama prohibited from leaking any information about his finances to the press. 

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