Whew lord...
Singer Chris Brown has been under fire since a verse from one of his newest songs touched lots of people online the wrong way. 
"Only wanna fuck the black bitches with the nice hair." Brown said in the song 
Love & Hip Hop's Tokyo Vanity commented on the The Shade Room's post about the lyrics to the song and said that she felt Mr.Brown did not find darker women attractive. 
After the comment, Chris trolled Tokyo on Instagram by posting a picture of her without makeup along with the caption, "Ooohhh shit @TokyoXVanity. Damn u fine babygirl, let me take you to dinner."
Tokyo then hopped on Instagram and posted a video "Christopher Brown. Stop playin' with me. Talking about if you can take me out... that's not for me. Second of all, I'm not even your type. You're too into things of light complexion … you know, coke, heroin, molly, ecstasy, embalming fluid. I'm just saying... Puerto Rican women, white women, Asian woman. It's fine because that's your preference. All I'm doing is calling it like I see it. However you feel just stand on that shit."
"For you to even come to the Internet playin' with me today furthermore let me know that bitch you better be on them drugs bad, because I don't even play."
"You ain't got to like me. Y'all are talking like I'm doing something for clout. Bitch I don't need no clout from Chris Brown. All I did was when I saw something on the Shade Room I just commented and said I don't know why this is shocking to y'all. I got my own money. I'm booked almost every weekend. I"m 24 and I've never needed any motherfucker to put me on."
She also says that Mr.Brown often bans dark-skinned women from his VIP section when he turns up at nightclubs. Petty...

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