The man accused of mailing pipe bombs to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, CNN headquarters and other Democrats who have been critical of the infamous...Donald Trump has been arrested. 
Police arrested a 56-year old Cesar Sayoc a former stripper and pizza parlor employee has been charged with five federal crimes including transportation of an explosive, illegal mailing of explosives, threats against former Presidents, threating interstate communication and assaulting current and former federal officers, he faces up tp 48 years in prison. A fingerprint left on an envelope and his DNA on two of the pipe bombs was how police were able to identify him.
FBI found him by tracking his cellphone to a parking lot of an AutoZone and arrested him as he was approaching his white van which was covered in pro-Trump stickers and anti-Democrat stickers as well. 
There were a total of 13 packages found including ones addressed to the likes of Joe Biden, Georg Soros, Cory Booker, John Brennan and Robert De Niro and there could still be more in transit
He is a registered Republican and also has an extensive criminal record that dates back to 1991.

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