Mariah Carey's former personal assistant, Lianna Shakhnazarian also known as Lianna Azarian, claims she was subjected to sexual battery and harassment during her employment with the singer. 
Her lawsuit comes the same day as Mariah Carey's lawsuit in which she accused the former assistant of secretly filming embarrassing videos of Mariah, in violation of a non-disclosure agreement. Shakhnazaryan said that if Mariah didn't cough up $8 million she would release the videos. Mariah also says that Shakhnazarian told a co-worker if she was ever fired she would sell the video for profit and buy herself a home." Shakhnazarian also reportedly used Mariah's credit card to buy personal things and even snatched discounts by claiming the items were for Mariah, this ultimately led to Shakhnazarian being fired in 2017. Soon after the blackmailing began. Mariah is suing for $3,000,000 for breach of contract, extortion and invasion of privacy. 
In a 32-page complaint, Shakhnazarian says she was hired by Carey in September of 2015 for the salary of $250,000 per year which was eventually increased to $328,500. 
She is alleging that Carey's former manager Stella Bulochnikov subjected her to verbal abuse and physical abuse, including repeatedly ridiculing her about her breasts by putting iPhones, remote controls and utensils under them. She alleges that Bulocnikov slapped her butt and breasts, and called her an "Armenian whore," an Armenian princess, an "Armenian bitch and a fucking n---r."
She also said that on multiple occasions, Bulochnikov tackled her to the ground and then urinated on her. She says that Mariah knew about the abuse and was present for much of it. 
Mariah is seeking a restraining order and asking for the videos to be deleted.Was her assistant being petty?

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