Soooooo there's a video going around the internet that shows a white man yelling on a plane because he didn't was to sit next to an elderly black women and the airline...Ryanair is under fire for letting the whole thing go down!
The flight was soon to be taking off from Barcelona, Spain to London when the man began acting belligerent and yelling how he wanted the 77- year old woman to get up and move.
The man continued acting like a jackass, calling the women "Ugly black bastard and yelled for her "not to talk to him in a foreign language and then preceded to call her a stupid cow.
He then threatened the woman telling her: "I'll tell you this, if you don't go to another seat, I'll put you in another seat."
When the woman finally got tired of dealing with the rudeness she finally decided to go be with her daughter, her daughter can be seen in the video arguing with the man and telling him to "give her mom a chance."
The craziest part about the whole situation is that none of the flight attendants offered the man to move seats or even kicked him off the plane. He just simply embarrassed the women and nothing was done. The flight attendant then proceeded to go back and check on the man who stated "I'm fine now, she's gone."
The man who was recording the video posted it to his Facebook and it has been view over 1 million times, David Lawrence who was recording the whole thing go down told CNN that he felt the flight attendant could have called the captain, escorted the man off the flight or called the police. "If that was another situation where that was a black man doing that to an elderly white woman, they would have been escorted off the flight."
The airline is now receiving backlash all over social media with people calling a boycott 
Ryanair stated that it had reported the incident to police and now it's their matter. The Essex police released a statement:
"Essex police takes prejudice-based crime seriously and we want all incidents to be reported, We are working closely with Ryanair and the Spanish authorities on the investigation." Are they being petty? 

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