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This week on the Clay Cane Show actor Ving Rhames revealed that he himself had been a victim of racial profiling. Apparently another case of being Black in America. While in his home in Santa Monica the actor heard noises coming from his backyard while watching tv 

.While investigating the noise when Rhames opened the door he noticed a red dot and on his head and the culprits were the Los Angeles Police Dept. After following the police instructions one of the officers recognized Ving because both of their sons go to the same school. The officers then told Ving that a female neighbor had made the call claiming that "a large Black man was breaking into a house" The officers then disclosed the neighbor's address and Rhames along with the officers confronted the lady in which she denied that she.d made such a call. It should be noted that the incident occurred in July of 2016 as confirmed by the Santa Monica police dept.

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