Now, this is petty & sad here is what MTO is reporting...

A 19-year-old US citizen named TeNiya Jones died yesterday in Israel - under suspicious circumstances. Some members of TeNiya's family are calling for an investigation by the United States government. There is growing speculation that TeNiya's death may not have been an accident . . . but a possible MURDER.

On Saturday night, Jones and two other students were swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. One of the students later said they were caught in a strong current and pulled out to sea, the university said.

There is HIGH TENSION in Israel - who is in the midst of implementing a Trump-style deportation policy against Black Jews who migrated from Africa. Under the new policy, thousands of  African Jews will be forcibly deported back to Ethiopia. TeNiya bears a striking resemblance to many of the Ethiopian migrants.

TeNiya's family would like the United States government to conduct an independent investigation into her death, and confirm that there was no foul play involved.

TeNiya graduated Dunbar High School and was a sophomore at the University of Kentucky. She was first reported missing on Saturday night. 

Yesterday, authorities in Israel told the media that the body of TeNiya washed up on the shores of Tel Aviv early Monday. Police claim that she mysteriously disappeared off a beach at the Tel Aviv suburb of Bat Yam after entering the water with two friends and getting caught in a rip current.

TeNiya was in a seven-week exchange program in Jordan when friends decided to take a weekend trip to Israel before returning to the U.S. next Friday. Wow, can't believe how petty this is. 

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