T.I's restaurant, Scales 925 Georgia was.... let's just say it was an epic fail. After opening up in 2015, they closed the doors to the restaurant a year later. His former employees at the restaurant now have filed a lawsuit against T.I and his business partner for fraud. 
T.I and his business partner have been hit with an amended federal lawsuit from their former employees over unpaid wages and overtime. The employees previously sued them for using the restaurant money for their own gain and also claim T.I and his partner paid themselves unnecessarily high salaries despite the business losing tons of money.
The former employees have filed yet another lawsuit alleging that T.I and Charles Hughes diverted hundreds of thousands to themselves during a time they knew the business was crashing down.
They also claim they have uncovered new information that details T.I and Charles transferring $663,933.98 in total from Scales 925 into their own bank accounts.
Earlier this year the restaurant filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy but was closed due to the company not having any assets
The former employees want the court to order T.I and his partner to give up the whole $663k.

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